I'm your wedding day cheerleader!

I’m the photographer that’s going to be there keeping you motivated.

I’ll be your ray of sunshine packing in all the positive vibes as you’re stressing out about the details of your wedding plans. I’m going to be there with ALL the emojis as you choose your wedding day attire! (Probably some GIFs too…) I’ll be the one reminding you that you’re a total babe, and you’re still about to marry your bff when the wedding day just isn’t going as perfectly as planned.

I’ll be there for your first wedding anniversary.

I’ll be there when you celebrate the announcement of your first child, heck even animal children work for me! What I’m getting to is the fact that you aren’t just getting a wedding photographer when you book with me, you’re also gaining a lifelong friendship!

I’m focused on capturing the raw moments of your intimate wedding.

I use a story telling approach, and love capturing those authentic moments, not solely posed imagery. I want you to look back through every single one of your images, with a glass of wine in hand, feeling so incredibly thankful that you have all of these memories for decades to come.


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