If you’re absolutely in love with me and my work, but you’re worried I’m out of your budget, please reach out to me anyway.

Every wedding is different, and I don’t want you to just price check for a photographer. I want us to get to talking about your budget, and how I can make your day perfect as your wedding photographer!

Just please understand that this is what I do for a living.

This is the job that pays for my bills, the job that helps me with my toddler, and keeps a roof over our head. I share this solely to point out that while I will completely understand your budget, weddings are freaking expensive sometimes! I just want you to respect that this is what I do for a living.

On that note… *cue random statement to move out of the awkward stage*

Was that awkward? Hopefully not.

Now that we’ve talked about the M word (money) … just know that I love people, and I know I’ll love you. I’ll be there partying it up with you on the dance floor during your wedding reception, documenting those drunken images of your guests, and creating the imagery that tells the story of your wedding day!

I’m going to love your family too!

I’ll be there building relationships. I’ll be holding conversations with those family members of yours that flew out to see you get married to the love of your life. I’ll be cracking jokes with Uncle Bob. You know.. that one relative that thinks he’s hilarious. Long story short, I do this so that I can draw in that comfort with your family and friends to capture your day in a non-cheeseball, organic, kind of way! I’m going to love your family just about as much as your close friends do!

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