Wedding Gift Box | Raleigh Wedding Photographer

You guys, I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally share the deets on this wedding gift box!! It took me a lot of thought to finally get to this point! My wedding clients finally received it, so now I can share it with the world! I’ve had so many redo’s with this business, but they have all been for the better. It’s honestly so refreshing to think about how everything looked at the start of my business as compared to now!

I also need to give my Traverse City, Michigan Wedding clients a HUGE thank you for their patience!! I normally don’t take this long to send out the wedding photos and wedding gift box, but because this was a part of my rebranding, it took longer than expected. I’m so thankful that they were so patient with me the entire time, and I was so excited for them to be the first clients to receive this awesome package!!

I feel like this gift box fits me so much better than anything else I’ve ever done, and it has so many “DIY” pieces added for an extremely personal touch. I want to keep a little of my personality with the gifts I give to my clients to add to their wedding experience with me, and I’m so excited to make this box even prettier as I get better at staining wood… haha.

Did I mention this was the first time I’ve ever stained wood in my life?! It’s probably a little obvious. haha

Here are the pretty pictures!!